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'The Seven Churches of Revelation'
Taught by Dean Nowowiejski
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This class is video based.  The YouTube link above provides summaries of the full-length video shared in the classroom each week.
7 Mar 2021   Part 1: Introduction: The Conquering King

14 Mar 2021 Part 2: The Church that Left Its First Love, Ephesus

21 Mar 2021 Part 3: The Church about to Be Tested: Smyrna

28 Mar 2021 Part 4: The Church that Compromised: Pergamum

4 Apr 2021    Easter: No Sunday School

11 Apr 2021  Part 5: The Promiscuous Church and the Church before an Open Door: Thyatira and Philadelphia

18 Apr 2021 Part 6: The Dead Church: Sardis

25 Apr 2021 Part 7: The Lukewarm Church: Laodicea

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